New Sprinkler System

New Sprinkler System InstallationIf your property doesn’t have an existing sprinkler system call us today for a free estimate to install a new system to keep your Boca Raton lawn and landscape looking its best.  Keeping your lawn properly watered will keep your lawn healthy and green which not only looks nice, but also contributes to vigorous growth of your grass which will make unwanted weeds able to grow in your lawn.  You will also save money by not having to buy sod to replace dead areas of grass that have dried out from lack of rain or the hot summer sun.  A new installation or repair should be done by experienced professionals due to the amount of engineering required in installing a well, electrical wiring of pumps and timers, and proper sprinkler head placement to make sure water isn’t being wasted and spraying unwanted areas such as walls and driveways. We are experienced and fully equipped to install new sprinkler systems for commercial or residential properties and will be happy to provide you with a free estimate.