Whether you need one shrub planted or a complete flowerbed designed and installed, you probably have an idea what you want. Plant care for existing plants can be hard work, but we can do it for you. We will show you options or you can choose the types you like. We will put the plants in the ground and make sure you are happy with the result. We guarantee what we plant. We will also inspect any damaged or diseased plants and give advice what to do next. Below is a list of some of the more common plants we sell.

Shrubs will design a beautiful landscape for you at the lowest possible prices. We will discuss options with you and make sure you know the results to expect in advance. The most exciting aspect of landscape design is the layout. You want to use the space wisely and have a variety of plants, perhaps even flowering shrubs in many different seasons. Remember to mention if you have allergies to specific plants. Of course you would want to avoid those, but perhaps you could enjoy similar varieties without suffering.

Shrubs descriptions vary, but most are generally thought of as bushes. Some flower, some do not. Most have leaves, although not all. Some leaves are red, others purple, but most green. Shrubs are the backbone of a garden, usually bulky and hearty. Be sure to use evergreen shrubs as well as flowering ones. The evergreens will keep the garden looking “alive” through the cold months. Shrubs are great for dividing property or sections of property, or hiding unsightly items like a gas meter. But all schrubs need some attention. You can purchase them at a nursery and obtain advice as to the care.

Planting a shrub requires simple planning. Be sure not to dig deep, just deep enough to put the plant in the ground as much as it is in the container you purchased it in. If you have to dig very far, it is always best to call Sunshine State One Call of Florida at 811 or 1-800-432-4770 at least 48 hours in advance of any excavation work (in accordance with the Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act – Florida Statute 556). You can also submit your locate request online at to have your utilities marked. Although it may seem tedious to wait 24-48 hours, it is important for your safety and the safety of the utility lines in your space. Once you place the shrub in the ground, fill all the space around the roots and pack tightly. Any air pockets could damage the plant. Then water well. Mulch should follow to keep in soil moisture and to prevent weed growth. Check with local authorities if drought conditions exist at the time because they may limit plant watering. Most nurseries will guarantee plants for a period of time, however, you do not want your plant to die. Also be careful not to plant them too close together. Space things out. Plant flowers or small shrubs nearby. Be creative and have fun. Most average sized plants need a couple feet for roots. That does not mean nothing can be planted close, but do not overcrowd or the roots will tangle and the plants will not get the water they need, nor the natural soil nutrients.

Prevent disease on your shrubs and trees by watching closely, inspecting, and removing dead leaves but do not do so until they are entirely yellow. To enhance flowering, clip off dead flower heads also. If you have a diseased plant, inspect it immediately. Diseases spread in plants too. Do not let it kill your plant or infect other plants nearby. There are treatments you can purchase at nurseries or home improvement stores. If you question what is going wrong, please call us. We will inspect the plant and the problem and give advice how to remedy. Sometimes, a transplant is all that is needed. There are plants that are domineering and will choke out nearby plants. Large shrubs do not always do well with transplant. Small ones usually recover fine. If your plant seems unhealthy after a transplant, prune it way back, then wait. If by the next season, there is no improvement, it may not live. But give it a chance. They often loose blooms and leaves after a transplant, but recover a season or two later.

Shrubs can be found in almost any appearance. If you have an idea in mind that you like, feel free to call us and describe it, or go to a nursery and look around. Boca Raton grows the most beautiful shrubs. You can also check out Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens‘ website.