Sprinkler Services

One of the most important factors in maintaining the health of your Boca Raton lawn is to have a sprinkler system in place to add water to your lawn in times of drought.  During fall and winter months when rain levels in South Florida are at their lowest point, it is imperative to add water to your lawn and landscape to keep your grass, plants, and trees watered.  In the spring and summer, much less water is needed to add due to the excess of rain but sprinklers are still needed during times of drought because the hot summer sun will quickly dry out and burn grass in a short period of time.  We can install a new sprinkler system on your commercial or residential property or repair your existing system if necessary, and set the proper watering frequency to keep your Boca Raton lawn, trees, and landscape healthy and beautiful.

Sprinkler Systems Boca Raton